Information For Parents



How will my child manage public transport?

This is a genuine concern of many parents that students cope very well with.  Some parents and their child do a practice run over the holidays prior to commencing their placement just to familiarise themselves with the route.  Some parents prefer to drive their child.

We find that students are very adept at getting themselves around on public transport.  Those that haven’t travelled much on public transport before develop their independence and grow in self confidence over the term.

Students that live further than 4.8km from the learning space are able to have their transport covered.  We can provide those students with a free myki card that is regularly topped up over the term.


How much will the program cost?

We feel strongly that every student should be able to access this quality program. As a result the costs of the program are kept to a minimum and are subsidised by the home school.

Parents are asked to make a $50 one off voluntary contribution.

This covers all expenses related with the program including the extensive excursion program, our nutrition program which provides daily snacks, breakfast and lunch, any classroom materials and public transport.


How will my child keep up with their schoolwork?

Parents are often concerned about their child falling behind at school.  The reality is many of the students that attend the Learning Space are referred because they are struggling to keep up with their schoolwork.

Your child’s school understands that they are involved in another program that is much more valuable than what they might be doing at school and will ultimately support their learning going forward.  They will modify their expectations for your child accordingly while they are involved in the program.

We keep regular contact with your child’s home school, encourage them to collect work from their school on a Wednesday and arrange for work to be sent via email to and from your child’s classroom teachers.

Our very small ratio of students to teachers means your child gets intensive one on one support to encourage the completion of schoolwork and provide extra support with literacy and numeracy for those who need it.  Students regularly give feedback about how much work they get completed at The Space compared to what they normally do at school.


How will I know that the program has been successful?

We receive regular feedback from parents about how much happier their child is at home.  They report that is much easier to get them up in the morning and there are less battles to get them going.

Schools report that students have improved attendance, have grown in self confidence, are making better choices and are more accountable for their actions.


Can I get feedback about my child?

The success of your child’s placement is enhanced by regular communication with you.  Parents are encouraged to contact The Space any time they have questions, concerns or simply want an update.

The Space will provide regular feedback via phone, meetings and an end of placement report.


What information is provided to my child’s school?

Your child’s school receives a comprehensive report, individual learning plan or behaviour support plan at the conclusion of their placement.

This provides classroom teachers with recommendations and strategies to best support your child and maximise their engagement and learning.


I think this sounds like a great program but my child is reluctant.  What can I do?

Ultimately this is a voluntary program.  Students need to want to participate and feel that they are ready to make some changes.

However it is normal to feel unsure or nervous about attending.  It is useful for both the student and their parents/caregivers to visit the space and hear about the program.  This often allays a lot of concerns.  The program has been deliberately designed to be enjoyable, challenging and engaging.

It is useful for your child to know that all students starting are new to the group.  It is also reassuring for students and their parents to know that they have been referred to the program by their school because they recognise they have the potential for school to be better. and want to support   School may not be going well at the moment but with support and a willingness to change there is the potential for a bright future.

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