Making a Referral

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The Brunswick Learning Space

Any student attending a state secondary school in the North Western Region is eligible to apply for a placement at The Brunswick Learning Space.

Students are referred to The Space because they have been identified as needing some extra support or intervention to improve their learning experience and outcomes.

Students may be disengaged or are at risk of becoming disengaged from their school.

Any number of factors could be influencing the student’s ability to succeed at school including behavioural or social concerns, attendance issues, work output and organisation, or the need for extra literacy or numeracy support.

It is imperative that the school provides a contact person usually the student welfare co-ordinator or year level co-ordinator who is able to support the student through the reintegration program and provide a point of contact for The Space.

The student remains formally enrolled at their home school and attends ‘The Space’ as an alternative to their usual educational program.

Each Wednesday students attend their school with support from staff at The Space.  This enables the student to maintain the connection with their school and gives them the opportunity to apply the strategies for change they are learning at The Space.


There are a number of forms that need to be completed as part of the intake process:


The Referral Form

The Initial Intake Form

Parent Permission Forms/Contact Details


Who can benefit from a referral to The Brunswick Learning Space?

Any student attending a state secondary school in the North Western Region can be referred to The Space:

Students are referred for a variety of reasons.  With positive intervention issues that are impacting on a student’s ability to engage successfully with their learning can be addressed.

Concerns may include:

Lack of work output and poor organisational skills

Difficulties forming positive relationships with peers and/or teachers

Inappropriate behaviour in the classroom.

Poor self-esteem or a lack of confidence

Irregular attendance or school refusal

Lack of engagement and motivation

A need to transition into another school/setting or alternative pathway.

A need some more intensive support with academic studies particularly literacy/numeracy support


What are the benefits of referring?

After attending The Space schools, parents and students have reported:

Improved attendance rates

Happier more engaged students

Less conflict in the classroom

Improved ability for students to manage their behaviours

Improved attitude to learning

Improvement in work practices

The student is more able to take responsibility for their choices and actions

The student’s needs are better supported

Student has been connected with an appropriate alternative pathway

The student and school have benefited from the respite provided through engagement in the program

The student has enjoyed a positive learning experience


The referral process

Anyone can make an initial inquiry about a placement for a student.  But for the referral to be considered the student’s home school must approve and support a placement.

The Space works closely with the student’s school and family to ensure that the placement has every chance of success.


The steps involved in a student placement are as follows:

1.  Initial Phone/Email inquiry

2.  School arranges a visit to The Space for student and/or parents

3.  Completion of referral form by school

4.  Intake meeting at The Space

     -must be attended by student, parent (or guardian), SWC (or other school contact)

     -reasons for referral are discussed

     -specific goals for the placement are identified

5.  Decision is made at staff level as to suitability of placement and availability of positions

     -attention given to mix of students and their specific needs

     -except in rare instances The Space accepts only one student from a school at the same time.

     -referring school is notified of placement availability

6.   Term placement at the The Space.

     -students attend the program for approximately ten weeks

     -students return to their school each Wednesday with support from    staff at The Space.

     -Students are encouraged to collect work from school that they can get assistance at The Space

7.  Review of the placement occurs at regular intervals.

8.  Recommitment Meeting

     If The Space feels that a student’s behaviour is concerning or there is no commitment to change by the student there may be a need to hold a recommitment meeting.

     On these occasions the family and school are contacted and the student will be sent home until a meeting can be organised.

     The following people must attend: Parent/Guardian, school representative, student,  staff member from The Space

9.  End of Placement

      Schools and parents are provided with a report at the conclusion of the placement

      ILP’s or Behaviour Support Plans provided as required

      Students complete a reintegration plan

      Staff meet with student’s teachers to advise on effective strategies as required by the school

      Return to school with follow up visits from The Space


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